Good Bye Summer In My Pink Flower Dress

Plus floral dress, Pink, Full figured The Look: Dress – HM (similar here ), Sandals – Old Navy (similar here), Watch  – March Jacobs

Today I realized how much I’m going to miss summer. It was so easy to dress up without any hesitation of what to wear because in my opinion everything goes. It’s a bit chilly out and that means, more jeans, boots, booties and coats. Even though I love the fall season, I will miss those really crazy hot days.  I wore this out for the last days of nice hot weather in which was perfect by the river. However, this dress is just amazing from the cut and color. ill see if I could style it for fall with boots and a sweater. additionally, I love the Oxford shirt look on this dress because it’s really comfortable. Continue reading

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Palazzo Pants with White

Palazzo pants, bellbottoms, outfit, plussize, curves

The Look: Palazzo Pants – Old Navy( Similar Pants), Shirt – HM (similar shirt) , Sandals – Old Navy (similar here) , Watch – Marc Jacobs (similar here)

I find that if you can wear a pair of palazzo on any day, the outfit is the best yet. The reason why is because they are comfortable, sexy and very stylish. I bought these at Old Navy and I want to wear them like all the time in different ways, basically I am obsessed on how they fit. The pants stretch a bit, the material is like jeans and it has pockets. I need more pants like these, but remember its only once in a lifetime you can actually find a pair that you love so much. Honestly, at times I have such a love affair with all my wardrobe because I love everything so much. Continue reading

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Teeth Whitening, Teeth, Whitening, White Teeth

Smile Brilliant Teeth Whitening

Coffee is such a relaxing, calming and delicious drink I swear, I can’t live without it  and anyone that knows me knows I cannot function without a cup or two a day. Keep in mind  the darker the better, MMM, I want some right now, (laughing out loud). At the same time coffee has its results of yellowish and stained teeth throughout time in which can be so hard to remove unless you either go to a dentist for whitening or do it yourself. I tell you it’s so hard to get rid of coffee stain but without my coffee  I become hulk hogan, haha! But in all honesty I like white teeth because they look oh my god, AMAZING. It’s a double standard of what to do thats best. I’m not going to lie I tried some home remedies like the orange peel and baking soda, but its like torture. I for one like the home remedies and or teeth whitening because I have full control of it and it saves my pretty pockets from spending a bunch of money. Additionally, I wanted to whiten my teeth so bad  but  the bill again can take a toll and just the other day Smile Brilliant Contacted me on providing a full review of their Teeth Whitening in which they provide with all the steps. Off course I was jumping for joy and I looked at every review and off course I said oh Yes Lets do this! Then I received My Kit with all the instructions of how to do my teeth whitening and I tell you I’m still in disbelieve of how awesome this product is.  It came just in before fashion week for me to look even more fabulous. Ohhh Lala! Read all Way to the end loves, theres a cool giveaway as well.!!! Continue reading

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Jean Shirt & Pink Jeans

dsc_0726The Look: Jean Shirt(similar here) & Jeans(similar here) – Marshall’s, Sandals – Old Navy(similar here), Watch – Guess

I love when the weather starts to dwell down and it’s cool enough to enjoy some of my wardrobe. Not that summer is not amazing but when the heat wave was in, jeans was a no go. Now that it’s nicer out I really enjoy wearing a long sleeve without feeling as if I’m dying inside (laughing out loud). However, when these two are combined it really looks so fab. Most of you know that pink is awesome to me and I always feel like you can put these two together and right away it provides a fun, neutral and upbeat outfit. One thing I must admit is that sandals feels so good to wear with jeans because it’s light on the feet.BO Continue reading

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WhoWhatWear Floral Dress

dsc_0948The Look: Dress & Clutch- Whowhatwear, Shoes – Nine West (simialr here), Watch Michael Kors (similar here)

Ever since whowhatwear came out with the collection for full-figured women, I’ve become very obsessive and want everything off course. I really enjoy how it fits my body from the material to the designs. This dress I am head over and heels and can wear any time with different accessories. I wore this dress for day 5 of #NYFW for the Irina Vitjaz Show. Continue reading

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