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Black and Pink

Plus size, Outfit, Curves

Outfit details; Jacket hm (similar here), pants yoursclothing (similar here), shirt Lola, Booties Franco Sarto(similar here)

If you guys notice I’ve been a bit away from my blog. The reason why is because I’ve launched my own shop. Yay!!!. It’s fairly new and I’m still adding pieces and looking for styles that really would make a difference in a women’s closet as well as the price to be affordable. Also, I’ve revamped my whole blog from .com to .org in WordPress’s since I wanted to do the things myself. Pretty easy and rewarding. I am so happy I was able to take my weekend to do just that. However, I still have some little changes to still make to this blog by adding the store and more. But you can visit and purchase any item and my team will be there to get it to you. Site ; ( let me know what you think.  Continue Reading

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Vibrant Colors In The Fall

Plus, Style, vibrant, fall outfit

The Look: Dress – Old Navy, Boots – Nine West (similar here), High Socks – Old Navy (similar here)

Theres nothing like wearing a dress that can bring out your natural skin complexion. I love the way the yellow stands out on this time of year. See, I love bright colors and I feel that yellow looks its best in the fall and winter because no one would try wearing it because they are so scared that the color is too much; me on the other hand loves taking risk and showing off a way you can style it. Now ladies and gents keep in mind I’ve had this dress in my closet since spring and decided to wear it in the fall to make a statement of my own. I love the way it really looks, maybe because it’s a Chakra color. Additionally, I styled it with a pair of high boots to give it that fall style that it deserves. Continue Reading

Fall Items fashion Johanna's Daily Style Outfit of the day

Olive Green with Black

outfit, party, plus size

The Look: Jacket- HM (similar here) , Pants- Apt9 (similar here), Booties Franco Sarto (similar here), Shirt – forever 21

I always get mixed emotions with the New York weather because it’s either to cold or mild or just hot. Therefore, I end up getting all kinds of jackets that can help me when I need to, according to the weather. However, this lovely jacket I got from HM is all kinds of awesome because it’s nice and warm, has pockets and it’s like oversized dressy jacket. Continue Reading

Inspiration Makeup Outfits

Happy Halloween x Harley Quinn

img_1792  Welcome to Quinn’s World and Happy Halloween to everyone. It was amazing outside with all the kids and my daughter trick or treating. Me and my fiance dressed up as Harley Quinn and The Joker from suicide squad. I only bought the Jacket with the shirt attached, the cuffs and the neck piece. The rest I put together from my closet. The sneakers are converse and the leggings called Lola. I did my own makeup and used spray for my hair. For my fiance, the clothes are from the closet as well and I did the makeup and hair as well. It was a really nice afternoon and the street were pretty nice full of costumes. Therefore, lovelies enjoy my costume. Everyone enjoy your night and be safe.xoxo Love2bcouture!! Continue Reading

fashion Inspiration Johanna's Daily Style outfit

Little Black Dress with Flare


The Look: Dress – Old Navy ( similar here), Shoes – Steve Madden (similar here), Bag – Hm (similar here)

  Little black dresses are really easy to wear, specially when you can add leopard or any other print to it.I love the simplicity and the combination of the two. Also, these dresses are called flare dress because of the way it swings when you walk. Its really sexy honestly when any women wears it because it shows all the right amount of curves with a little flare. I wore this outfit to the dinner with my family and yes i know its a bit cold but i was driving in my car so its not that bad. Continue Reading

Fall Items fashion Johanna's Daily Style

Adidas Flower Shirt x Blue Joggers

outfit, plus size, style The Look: Shirt -Adidas (similar here) , Joggers – New York and Co (similar here) , Sneakers – white shell top Adidas, Watch –Marc Jacobs

Ever since Adidas started doing these lovely print shirts, I’ve been pretty much attached with how they incorporate the patterns and flowers. I am obsessed with their line of clothing lately. Also, I feel that when choosing a comfortable shirt like this one, you always need the sneakers to match it. I love causal day because it’s okay to wear sneakers as long as you can look very chic. Additionally, I paired this outfit with a pair of joggers and a white watch to make the outfit stand out more. You ladies know I have serious obsessions with pink, specially when the print looks like this and I can wear multiple color pants to combine it.Moreover, I wore this outfit to a feast with my family and I must admit I really love how comfortable I was and how cute it really looked. Continue Reading

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Take Risks

Sheer and JeanThe Look: Endless Love Jean Skirt (similar here), Zackies Boots (similar here) , Thrifted leather clutch, Forever 21 Sheer Shirt (simirlar here) and Vest (simirlar here)  TJMaxx Bracelet
 I have always loved mesh and sheer because it looks amazing on. But I have never considered wearing it with just a bra and today I took that approach. I always say when a women wears certain things is because she’s comfortable in her own skin. Ladies, I must tell you that each and everyday I love my body more and more, this is why I am so happy to show you my fabulous curves. Always show your curves in an attractive way.

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Casual Look

office look, wear, office outfit, plus size

The Look: Pants- Marshalls (simialr here), Sweater- Forever 21 (similar here), Booties – Franco Sarto

Theres times when we all get so tired of not knowing what to wear in the mornings, when you work at a office. Each and every morning  I go through so many struggles in choosing my outfit. its really horrible I’m not gonna lie. My morning job consist of casual wear in which basically I can wear anything besides jeans. Therefore, I wanted to show you loves my casual outfit in which consist of a pair of black pants, a sweater with booties. Its the most comfortable and simple. I always say that you can’t wear makeup and be all glamorous all the time. Continue Reading

Johanna's Daily Style Outfit of the day Plus Size style

Simple Days


Sometimes the simplest outfit makes you think no jewelry, no bag or heels will not look good, Those were my thoughts because I honestly forgot everything when I stepped out my house. But surprisingly when the picture was taken, the outfit looked superb. Mind you I like to always have everything perfect and theirs times that I know it will happen like this one but I never forget my camera.(laughing out loud) Life virtues. However, if you gals notice my hair is curled differently and my makeup looks so much more smooth. The reason why is because I literally throughout all of my makeup for new ones and bought different brands from the ones I normally use. (Look below). Also, some bell bottoms high-rise jeans can fix anything when you feeling like you don’t know what to wear. Honestly, last week was pouring  in which was difficult to do anything but finally it stopped. Yay!! Therefore, ladies it was a shopping day for some things i like, great time for closet renewal for fall. Thank you for reading, xo Love2bcouture.

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fashion Inspiration Johanna's Daily Style Outfit of the day

Good Bye Summer In My Pink Flower Dress

Plus floral dress, Pink, Full figured The Look: Dress – HM (similar here ), Sandals – Old Navy (similar here), Watch  – March Jacobs

Today I realized how much I’m going to miss summer. It was so easy to dress up without any hesitation of what to wear because in my opinion everything goes. It’s a bit chilly out and that means, more jeans, boots, booties and coats. Even though I love the fall season, I will miss those really crazy hot days.  I wore this out for the last days of nice hot weather in which was perfect by the river. However, this dress is just amazing from the cut and color. ill see if I could style it for fall with boots and a sweater. additionally, I love the Oxford shirt look on this dress because it’s really comfortable. Continue Reading

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